International Federation of Automatic Control

Foz do Iguassu, Brazil October 17th - 19th, 2007

SSSC07 - Contact Authors List

Airam Sausen
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande - Ufcg - Brazil
Properties and Lyapunov Stability of the Error-Squared Controller
Airam Sausen, Péricles Rezende Barros
Alejandro García
Cinvestav-Ipn México - Mexico
Projectional Dynamic Neural Network Observer
Alejandro García; Alexander Poznyak; Isaac Chairez; Tatyana Poznyak
Alessandro do N. Vargas
Federal University Of Technology - Parana - Brazil
Control of Markov Jump Linear Systems with State and Input Constraints: a Necessary Optimality Condition
Alessandro N. Vargas; Walter Furloni; João B. R. do Val
Alexander Kurdyukov
Institute Of Control Sciences Russian Academy Of Sciences - Russian Federation
ABO - a Matlab Package for Anisotropy-Based Performance Analysis and Controller Design
A. P. Kurdyukov; M. M. Tchaikovsky; I. G. Vladimirov
Alexandre Bazanella
Ufrgs/Delet - Brazil
On the Shape of H2 Performance Criteria
Alexandre Sanfelice Bazanella; Michel Gevers; Ljubisa Miskovic; Brian D. O. Anderson
Alexandre Trofino
Federal University Of Santa Catarina - Brazil
On Reduced Order and Stable Controllers for LTI Systems
A. Trofino
Alvaro Giusto
Iie. Facultad de Ingenieria. Universidad de La Republica - Uruguay
On Some Dissipativity Properties of a Class of Power System Models
Alvaro Giusto
Ana Lúcia Driemeyer Franco
Laboratoire Satie - Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan - France
Robust Feedback Linearization without Full State Information
Ana Lúcia Driemeyer Franco; Henri Bourlès; Edson Roberto de Pieri
Ana Paula Mijolaro
Universidade de São Paulo - Usp - Brazil
Studies of Synchronization in Nonlinear Systems Using the Gronwall Inequality
A. P. Mijolaro; L. F. C. Alberto; N. G. Bretas
Bernardino Castillo-Toledo
Cinvestav-Ipn U. Guadalajara - Mexico
Regulator by Sliding Modes with Exponential Holder for Linear Systems
B. Castillo-Toledo; A. G. Loukianov; S. di Gennaro
Bogdan Marinescu
Satie Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan - France
Poles of Linear Time-Varying Systems Revisited
Bogdan Marinescu; Henri Bourlès
Charles Poussot-Vassal
Gipsa-Lab - France
A LPV Based Semi-Active Suspension Control Strategy
Charles Poussot-Vassal; Olivier Sename; Luc Dugard; Peter Gáspár; Zoltan Szabó; Jozsef Bokor
Christian Commault
Gipsa-Lab - France
Sensor Classification for the Fault Detection and Isolation Problem
Christian Commault; Jean-Michel Dion; Sameh Yacoub Agha
Corentin Briat
Lag - France
Full Order LPV/H Observers for LPV Time-Delay Systems
Corentin Briat; Olivier Sename; Jean-François Lafay
Cristiano Quevedo Andrea
Ufms - Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil
Tracking Methodology with Zeros Variation and Disturbance Rejection Applied to Uncertain Systems
Edvaldo Assunção, Cristiano Quevedo Andrea, Marcelo Carvalho Minhoto Teixeira, Rodrigo Cardim, João Onofre Pereira Pinto
Cristina Verde
Instituto de Ingeniería Unam - Mexico
Causality of the Residual Structure
Cristina Verde; Sylviane Gentil; Marino Sánchez-Parra
Daniel Alazard
Supaero - France
Disturbances Monitoring from Controller States
Daniel Alazard; Pierre Apkarian
Daniel Coutinho
Gacs - Pucrs - Brazil
Improved Robust H Filter Design for Discrete-Time Linear Parameter Varying Systems
Daniel F. Coutinho; Carlos E. de Souza; Karina A. Barbosa
Daniele Casagrande
Università Degli Studi di Trieste - Italy
State-Space Realization of Nonlinear Input-Output Delta Differential Equations on Homogeneous Time Scales
Daniele Casagrande; Ülle Kotta; Malgorzata Wyrwas
Daniel E. Quevedo
The University Of Newcastle - Australia
Performance Limits in Multi-Channel Networked Control System Architectures
Daniel E. Quevedo; Eduardo I. Silva; Graham C. Goodwin
Dirk Deschrijver
Ghent University - Belgium
Robust Identification of Transient Port Responses Using Time Domain Orthonormal Vector Fitting
D. Deschrijver, B. Haegeman, T. Dhaene
Dirk Vries
Wageningen University - Netherlands
A Luenberger Observer for an Infinite Dimensional Bilinear System: a UV Disinfection Example
D. Vries; K. J. Keesman; H. Zwart
Dragutin Debeljkovic
University Professor Of Control Engineering - Yugoslavia
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Stability of Discrete Large-Scale Time-Delay Systems
S. B. Stojanovic D. Lj. Debeljkovic
Eduardo Rodríguez-Angeles
Mexico State Autonomous University-Engineering Faculty - Mexico
A Simple Test for Stability of Continuous Bivariate Polynomials
E. Rodríguez-Angeles; J. A. Torres-Muñoz; C. F. Mendez Barrios
Elena de Santis
University Of L'Aquila - Italy
Observer Design for Discrete-Time Linear Switching Systems
Elena de Santis; Maria Domenica di Benedetto
Eric de Souza
Escola Politecnica, Universidade de Sao Paulo - Brazil
Lagrangian Modeling for a Class of Mobile Multibody Systems
Eric Conrado de Souza; Newton Maruyama
Evangelos Sagianos
City University - United Kingdom
Reduceness Properties and Applications to the Optimal Assignment Problem
E. Sagianos; N. Karcanias
Fabio Morbidi
University Of Siena, Italy - Italy
H2-Pseudo Optimal Model Following: a Geometric Approach
G. Marro; F. Morbidi; D. Prattichizzo
Fernando Tadeo
Universidad de Valladolid - Spain
Two-Degree-of-Freedom Compensators for Systems with Commands Bounded in Slope
Fernando Tadeo; Anthony Holohan; Pastora Vega
Galina Kurina
Voronezh State Forestry Academy - Russian Federation
Asymptotic Solution of Control Problems for Discrete Weakly Controllable Systems
G. Kurina; N. Nekrasova
Gloria Gutiérrez Rodriguez
University Of Valladolid - Spain
A Methodology for the Integrated Circuit and Control Design of a Buck Boost Converter
Martín J. Pomar; Gloria Gutiérrez; César de Prada; Julio E. Normey-Rico
Hebertt Sira-Ramírez
Cinvestav-Ipn - Mexico
Some Applications of Differential Algebra in Systems Identification
Hebertt Sira-Ramírez
Hector Silveira
Lac - Ptc - University Of Sao Paulo (Usp) - Brazil
A Triangular Form for Flat Nonlinear Systems with Two Controls and Five or Less States
Hector Bessa Silveira; Paulo Sérgio Pereira da Silva
Héctor Huerta-Avila
Cinvestav - Mexico
Nested Integral Sliding Mode Control of Multimachine Power Systems
H. Huerta-Avila; A. G. Loukianov; J. M. Cañedo
Henri Bourlès
Satie, Ens de Cachan / Cnam - France
Dualities in System Theory -- with Application to Delay-Differential Systems
Henri Bourlès
H. K. Lam
King'S College London - United Kingdom
BMI-Based Stability and Performance Design for Fuzzy Control Systems
H. K. Lam; L. D. Seneviratne
Hüseyin Akcay
Anadolu University - Turkey
On the Subspace-Based Interpolation of Rational Matrix Functions
Hüseyin Akcay; Semiha Türkay
Igor Yadykin
Institute Of Control Sciences, Russian Academy Of Sciences - Russian Federation
PID Controller Tuning for Bilinear Continuous Time Invariant MIMO System
I. B. Yadykin; M. M. Tchaikovsky
Irina Bashkirtseva
Ural State University - Russian Federation
Chaos Control via Sensitivity Design
I. Bashkirtseva
Jaidilson Jó da Silva
Federal University Of Campina Grande - Brazil
Fouling Detection Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves and Parameter Estimation
Jaidilson Jó da Silva; Antonio Marcus Nogueira Lima; José Sérgio da Rocha Neto
James S. Welsh
Univesity Of Newcastle - Australia
A Method for Bias Reduction in Time Domain Least Squares Parameter Estimation
James S. Welsh; Graham C. Goodwin; Hugues Garnier
Jan Maciejowski
University Of Cambridge - United Kingdom
Reverse-Engineering Existing Controllers for MPC Design
J. M. Maciejowski
Javad Mohammadpour
University Of Houston - United States
An Efficient Approach for Integrated Design of Damping Parameters and Feedback Controller: H2 Perspective
Javad Mohammadpour; Mona Meisami-Azad; Karolos M. Grigoriadis
Jean Lévine
Cas, Ecole Des Mines de Paris - France
On the Equivalence Between Differential Flatness and Dynamic Feedback Linearization
Jean Lévine
J. Humberto Pérez-Cruz
Department Of Automatic Control, Cinvestav-Ipn - Mexico
Automatic Startup of Nuclear Reactors Using Differential Neural Networks
J. Humberto Pérez-Cruz; Alexander Poznyak
Jiri Zikmund
Czech Technical University Of Prague - Czech Republic
Nonlinear Control Design for the Acrobot
Jiri Zikmund; Sergej Celikovsky; Claude H. Moog
Equivalence of Mechanical Systems
Claude H. Moog; Jiri Zikmund; Sergej Celikovsky
João Manoel Gomes da Silva Jr.
Ufrgs/Delet - Brazil
Acceleration-Bounded Control for Discrete Time Linear Systems
F. Bender; J. M. Gomes da Silva Jr.
Jones Corso
Departamento de Automacao E Sistemas - Das/Ctc/Ufsc - Brazil
Stability and Stabilization of a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems with Saturating Actuators
Eugênio B. Castelan; Jones Corso; Ubirajara F. Moreno; Edson R. de Pieri
Jorge Antonio Torres-Muñoz
Cinvestav - Mexico
On the Failure Detection Problem by Admissible Post-Compensation
Michel Malabre, Eduardo Hernández, Jorge A. Torres-Muñoz
José Aleixo
University Of Beira Interior - Portugal
Reconstructibility and Forward-Observability of Behaviors over z
J. C. Aleixo, P. Rocha
José Araújo
Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica da Bahia - Brazil
Comparative Study on State Feedback and State-Derivative Feedback in Linear Time Invariant Systems
José M. Araújo; Alexandre C. Castro; Fabrício G. S. Silva; Eduardo T. F. Santos; Carlos E. T. Dórea
José C. Geromel
University Of Campinas - Brazil
Multi-Objective H2 Control via Switched Linear Systems
José C. Geromel, Grace S. Deaecto, Patrizio Colaneri
H2 Robust Filtering with Optimality Gap Certification
José C. Geromel
Jose Juan Rincón-Pasaye
Departamento de Control Automatico, Cinvestav-Ipn - Mexico
Fault Estimation Using Sliding Mode Observers
Rafael Martínez-Guerra; J. Juan Rincón-Pasaye
Juan Camino
Unicamp - Brazil
An Application of Interpolating Gain-Scheduling Control
J. de Caigny; J. F. Camino; B. Paijmans; J. Swevers
Juan Carlos Martínez-García
Automatic Control Department - Cinvestav Ipn - Mexico
Failure Detection: Some Structural Results
B. Del-Muro-Cuéllar; J. C. Martínez-García
Kenji Sawada
Graduate School Of Engineering, Osaka University - Japan
L Performance Analysis/Synthesis for Continuous-Time Control Systems with Actuator Saturation under L Bounded Disturbance
Kenji Sawada; Tsuyoshi Kiyama
Kiyotsugu Takaba
Kyoto University - Japan
Robust Stability Analysis via Quadratic Differential Forms
Kiyotsugu Takaba
Klamka Jerzy
Institute Of Control Engineering, University Of Technology - Poland
Controllability of Semilinear Systems
Jerzy Klamka
Lev Ryashko
Ural State University - Russian Federation
Stability and Control for Stochastic Invariant Manifolds
Lucas Barcelos de Oliveira
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - Brazil
Predictive Control for Urban Traffic Networks: Initial Evaluation
Lucas Barcelos de Oliveira; Eduardo Camponogara
Marc Jungers
Laboratoire Satie Umr Cnrs 8029 Ens Cachan - France
Discrete-Time Riccati Equations in Open-Loop Stackelberg Games with Time Preference Rates
M. Jungers
Nash Strategy Parameter Dependent Control for Polytopic Systems
M. Jungers; P. L. D. Peres; E. B. Castelan; E. R. de Pieri; H. Abou-Kandil
Marcelo Handro Maia
Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica - Brazil
Robust Constrained Predictive Control of a Magnetic Levitation System
Marcelo Handro Maia; Roberto Kawakami Harrop Galvão
Marek Kubalcik
Tomas Bata University In Zlin - Czech Republic
Self-Tuning Control of Continuous-Time two-Input two-Output System
Marek Kubalcik; Vladimir Bobal
Marija Dodig
Centro de Estruturas Lineares E Combinatorias, Celc - Portugal
Eigenvalue Assignment for Singular Systems
Marija Dodig, Marko Stosic
Martine Olivi
Inria - France
Lossless Scalar Functions: Boundary Interpolation, Schur Algorithm and Ober's Canonical Form.
Martine Olivi; Bernard Hanzon; Ralf Peeters;
Matthew Turner
University Of Leicester - United Kingdom
An Improved Fuzzy Error Governor for MIMO Systems with Input Saturation: Development and Comparison
Sadjaad Ozgoli; Matthew C. Turner
Matthieu Jeanneau
Airbus - France
Dynamic Flight Control Laws, Real-Time Implementation Issues
Guilhem Puyou; Matthieu Jeanneau
Mauricio Kaster
Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (Utfpr) - Brazil
On DC to AC Conversion in a Boost Self-Oscillating Structure Based on non-Linear Control Techniques
Mauricio Kaster; Claudinor Nascimento; Daniel Pagano
Michael di Loreto
Laboratoire Ampère Umr 5005 Insa-Lyon, F-69621, France - France
Internal Model Principle for Time-Delay Systems of Retarded Type
M. di Loreto, J. J. Loiseau, J. F. Lafay
Michel Malabre
Irccyn, Umr Cnrs 6597 - France
New Geometric Insight into the Almost Disturbance Decoupling Problem by State Feedback
Michel Malabre; Runmin Zou
Singularly Perturbed Derivative Coupling-Filter: the SISO Case
H. Méndez D.; M. Bonilla E.; M. Malabre
Mohamed Benallouch
Lsiit/ Eavr - France
State Estimation for a Class of Time-Varying Linear Systems: Application to Fuel Cell Systems
Mohamed Benallouch; Rachid Outbib; Mohamed Boutayeb; Andreas Hernandez
Mohamed Yagoubi
Ecole Des Mines de Nantes & Irccyn - France
An Extended State-Feedback H2 Controller for Descriptor Systems
Mohamed Yagoubi; Philippe Chevrel; Fabien Claveau
Mustapha Ait Rami
University Of Valladolid - Spain
Positive Observation Problem for Linear Time-lag Positive Systems
M. Ait Rami; U. Helmke; F. Tadeo
Naly Rakoto-Ravalontsalama
Ecole Des Mines de Nantes (And Irccyn) - France
Piecewise Linear Approximation of Nonlinear Cellular Growth
Eduardo Mojica; Alain Gauthier; Naly Rakoto-Ravalontsalama
Nicos Karcanias
City University - United Kingdom
Structure Evolving Systems in Integrated System Design
Nicos Karcanias
Grassmann Matrices, Determinantal Assignment Problems and Approximate Decomposability
N. Karcanias; J. Leventides
Pablo Monzón
Iie - Facultad de Ingeniería - Universidad de La República - Uruguay
Single Interconnection of Kuramoto Coupled Oscillators
Pablo Monzón; Eduardo Canale
Patrizio Colaneri
Politecnico di Milano - Italy
A Lyapunov-Metzler Condition for Almost Sure Stability of Markov Jump Linear Systems
Patrizio Colaneri; Valeska Martins de Souza
Paul A. Fuhrmann
Ben Gurion University - Israel
Tensored Polynomial Models and the Sylvester Equation and Model Reduction
P. A. Fuhrmann; U. Helmke
Pedro L. D. Peres
University Of Campinas - Brazil
Regional Stabilization of Switched Systems Subject to Input Saturation
V. F. Montagner; J. M. Gomes da Silva Jr.; P. L. D. Peres
Convergent LMI Relaxations for Robust Analysis of Uncertain Discrete-Time Markov Jump Linear Systems
R. C. L. F. Oliveira; A. N. Vargas; J. B. R. do Val; P. L. D. Peres
LMI Relaxations for H Control of Time-Varying Polytopic Systems by Means of Parameter-Dependent Quadratically Stabilizing Gains
R. C. L. F. Oliveira; V. F. Montagner; P. L. D. Peres; P. -A. Bliman
Peter Kytka
Department Of Mechatronics In Mechanical Engineering / Tud - Germany
Design and Implementation of Robust Control Concepts μ-Synthesis and Sliding Mode Control
Peter Kytka; Francis Fomi; Rainer Nordmann
Petr Augusta
Czech Academy Of Sciences - Czech Republic
An Algebraic Approach to the Control of Spatially Distributed Systems - the 2-D Systems Case with a Physical Application
Petr Augusta; Zdenek Hurak; Eric Rogers
Petr Husek
Czech Technical University In Prague - Czech Republic
Stability Analysis of Uncertain Polynomials with Polynomic Parameter Dependency
Petr Husek
Philipp Mai
UniversitäT Der Bundeswehr München, Germany - Germany
Flatness-Based Fault Tolerant Control of a Nonlinear MIMO System Using Algebraic Derivative Estimation
Philipp Mai; Cédric Join; Johann Reger
Ricardo Pereira
Department Of Mathematics, University Of Aveiro - Portugal
Quaternionic Symmetry of Linear Dynamical Systems
Ricardo Pereira; Paolo Vettori
Roberto Santos Inoue
University Of São Paulo - Brazil
Mixed Model Based/Fuzzy Adaptive Robust Controller with H Criterion Applied to Wheeled Mobile Robots
Roberto Santos Inoue; Tatiana de F. P. A. T. Pazelli; Adriano A. G. Siqueira; Marco H. Terra
Rodrigo Cardim
Unesp - State University Of São Paulo - Campus Of Ilha Solteira - Brazil
Design of State-Derivative Feedback Controllers Using a State Feedback Control Design
Rodrigo Cardim; Marcelo C. M. Teixeira; Edvaldo Assunção; Márcio R. Covacic
Sandipan Mitra
Dept. Of Electrical And Computer Engineering, Texas A&M Univ. - United States
Data-Robust Design of PID Controllers via Interval Linear Programming
Sandipan Mitra; L. H. Keel; S. P. Bhattacharyya
Sébastien Canitrot
Research Centre In Automatic Control (Cran - Cnrs Umr 7039) - France
Control/Fault Diagnosis Interactions Analysis for Structured Bilinear Systems
Sébastien Canitrot; Taha Boukhobza; Frédéric Hamelin; Sinuhe Martinez-Martinez
Sehjeong Kim
Australian National Univeristy - Australia
Feedback Control Design for Switched Systems with Time-Varying Delay
Sehjeong Kim; Insop Song
Shinji Hara
The University Of Tokyo - Japan
A Unification of Analytical Expressions for Control Performance Limitations via Reciprocal Transform
Shinji Hara
Shmuel Boyarski
Imi Israel; Also Tel-Aviv University, Israel - Israel
Probability-Guaranteed Robust Full-Order and Reduced-Order H-Filtering
Shmuel Boyarski; Uri Shaked
Silviu-Iulian Niculescu
Laboratoire Des Signaux Et Systemes, Cnrs-Supelec - France
Some Remarks on the Stability of Cell-to-Cell Spread Models with Distributed Delays
Constantin-Irinel Morarescu; Silviu-Iulian Niculescu
Sinuhé Martinez-Martinez
Ph. D. - France
LISA: a Linear Structured System Analysis Program
S. Martinez-Martinez; T. Mader; T. Boukhobza; F. Hamelin
Sophie Tarbouriech
Laas-Cnrs - France
Practical Stabilization of Linear Time-Varying Continuous Systems
Germain Garcia; Sophie Tarbouriech
Stefan Lichiardopol
Lagis, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France - France
Linear Time-Varying Structured Systems: Part II. Control Synthesis
Stefan Lichiardopol; Christophe Sueur
Linear Time-Varying Structured Systems: Part I. Graphical Representation and Analysis
Stefan Lichiardopol; Christophe Sueur
Suksun Hutangkabodee
Department Of Mechanical Engineering, King'S College London - United Kingdom
Model-Based Soil Parameter Identification for Wheel-Terrain Interaction Dynamics
Suksun Hutangkabodee; Yahya H Zweiri; Lakmal D. Seneviratne; Kaspar Althoefer
Teresa Perdicoúlis
Isr-Coimbra & Utad - Portugal
Modelling Aspects of Describing a gas Network Through a DAE System
Teresa Paula Azevedo-Perdicoúlis; Gerhard Jan
Tobias Kreuzinger
Robert Bosch Gmbh - Germany
Feedforward Boundary Control of Linear Distributed Parameter Systems Using a Numerical Inverse Laplace Transform
Tobias Kreuzinger; Frank A. King; Matthias Bitzer; Wolfgang Marquardt;
Toru Fujinaka
Graduate School Of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture Univerisity - Japan
Pole Shifting with Sampled-Data LQ Regulators
Toru Fujinaka; Sigeru Omatu
Ubirajara Moreno
Dept. Automation And Systems Ufsc - Brazil
Using the Pole Placement Approach in a Codesign Procedure for Networked Controlled Systems
Tito L. M. Santos; Ubirajara F. Moreno; Carlos B. Montez; Daniel A. Perez
A High-Gain Observer Approach Applied to the Robust Feedback Linearization Control
Ebrahim Samer El´youssef; Ubirajara F. Moreno; Edson R. de Pieri; Eugênio B. Castelan Neto
Ülle Kotta
Institute Of Cybernetics At Tut - Estonia
On Classical State Space Realizability of Quadratic Input-Output Differential Equations
Ülle Kotta; Palle Kotta; Maris Tõnso; Alan S. I. Zinober
Valerie dos Santos Martins
Lagep, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - France
Boundary Control of a Channel: Practical and Numerical Studies
Valerie dos Santos; Christophe Prieu
Walter Lages
Federal University Of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
Control of a Brachiation Robot with a Single Underactuated Joint Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Vinícius Menezes de Oliveira; Walter Fetter Lages
Yunjie Hua
Lsiit - France
Switched State Jump Observers for a Class of Nonlinear Switched Systems
Yunjie Hua; Gabriela Iuliana Bara; Mohamed Boutayeb; Edouard Laroche
Observer Design for a Class of Discrete-Time Multimodel Nonlinear Systems
Yunjie Hua, Gabriela Iuliana Bara, Mohamed Boutayeb, Edouard Laroche
Zakaria Chalh
Lagis Umr Cnrs 8146 - France
A Bond Graph Approach for Direct Characterization of Invariant Zeros of Linear Time Varying Systems
Z. Chalh; A. Achir; C. Sueur
Zibin Song
Corresponding Author - United Kingdom
Non-Linear Observer for Slip Parameter Estimation of Unmanned Wheeled Vehicles
Zibin Song; Yahya Zweiri; Lakmal D Seneviratne; Kaspar Althoefer