The aim of the Symposium is to bring together experts working in systems and control to discuss new trends, exchange new ideas, establish fruitful contacts, and promote interactions among the various fields of interest. The main theme of the Symposium is to study the mathematical structure of systems and the limits it imposes on control system design and performance.

The previous meetings helped to formulate what is now called the structural approach to control theory. This approach bridges algebraic and geometric methods, provides additional insight, and furnishes new design procedures.

The topics of the conference include:
Linear and non linear systems
Structural invariants
Algebraic and geometric methods
Infinite dimensional systems
Time delay systems
Implicit and hybrid structures
Control strategies
Robust control
Constrained Control
Computational algorithms for analysis and Design

The Symposium will consist of contributed sessions, invited sessions, plenary lectures, and panel discussions. Young researchers are especially encouraged to attend.