International Federation of Automatic Control

Foz do Iguassu, Brazil October 17th - 19th, 2007

SSSC07 - Technical Program

Friday Afternoon

Session FA1: Constrained Control

Chair: João Manoel Gomes da Silva Jr. - Brazil
Co-chair: Tsuyoshi Kiyama - Japan
Room: Assunção
From 13:30 to 15:30
Paper 1 13:30-13:50 L Performance Analysis/Synthesis for Continuous-Time Control Systems with Actuator Saturation under L Bounded Disturbance
Kenji Sawada; Tsuyoshi Kiyama
abstract Contact: Kenji Sawada - Japan
Paper 2 13:50-14:10 Acceleration-Bounded Control for Discrete Time Linear Systems
F. Bender; J. M. Gomes da Silva Jr.
abstract Contact: João Manoel Gomes da Silva Jr. - Brazil
Paper 3 14:10-14:30 Stability and Stabilization of a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems with Saturating Actuators
Eugênio B. Castelan; Jones Corso; Ubirajara F. Moreno; Edson R. de Pieri
abstract Contact: Jones Corso - Brazil
Paper 4 14:30-14:50 An Improved Fuzzy Error Governor for MIMO Systems with Input Saturation: Development and Comparison
Sadjaad Ozgoli; Matthew C. Turner
abstract Contact: Matthew Turner - United Kingdom
Paper 5 14:50-15:10 Two-Degree-of-Freedom Compensators for Systems with Commands Bounded in Slope
Fernando Tadeo; Anthony Holohan; Pastora Vega
abstract Contact: Fernando Tadeo - Spain
Paper 6 15:10-15:30 Positive Observation Problem for Linear Time-lag Positive Systems
M. Ait Rami; U. Helmke; F. Tadeo
abstract Contact: Mustapha Ait Rami - Spain

Session FA2: Structural Invariants

Chair: J. M. Dion - France
Co-chair: Christophe Suer - France
Room: Montevideo
From 13:30 to 15:30
Paper 1 13:30-13:50 A Bond Graph Approach for Direct Characterization of Invariant Zeros of Linear Time Varying Systems
Z. Chalh; A. Achir; C. Sueur
abstract Contact: Zakaria Chalh - France
Paper 2 13:50-14:10 Causality of the Residual Structure
Cristina Verde; Sylviane Gentil; Marino Sánchez-Parra
abstract Contact: Cristina Verde - Mexico
Paper 3 14:10-14:30 Linear Time-Varying Structured Systems: Part I. Graphical Representation and Analysis
Stefan Lichiardopol; Christophe Sueur
abstract Contact: Stefan Lichiardopol - France
Paper 4 14:30-14:50 Linear Time-Varying Structured Systems: Part II. Control Synthesis
Stefan Lichiardopol; Christophe Sueur
abstract Contact: Stefan Lichiardopol - France
Paper 5 14:50-15:10 LISA: a Linear Structured System Analysis Program
S. Martinez-Martinez; T. Mader; T. Boukhobza; F. Hamelin
abstract Contact: Sinuhé Martinez-Martinez - France

Session FA3: Parameter Estimation

Chair: Graham Goodwin - Australia
Co-chair: Walter Lages - Brazil
Room: Santiago
From 13:30 to 15:30
Paper 1 13:30-13:50 Fouling Detection Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves and Parameter Estimation
Jaidilson Jó da Silva; Antonio Marcus Nogueira Lima; José Sérgio da Rocha Neto
abstract Contact: Jaidilson Jó da Silva - Brazil
Paper 2 13:50-14:10 Model-Based Soil Parameter Identification for Wheel-Terrain Interaction Dynamics
Suksun Hutangkabodee; Yahya H Zweiri; Lakmal D. Seneviratne; Kaspar Althoefer
abstract Contact: Suksun Hutangkabodee - United Kingdom
Paper 3 14:10-14:30 Robust Identification of Transient Port Responses Using Time Domain Orthonormal Vector Fitting
D. Deschrijver, B. Haegeman, T. Dhaene
abstract Contact: Dirk Deschrijver - Belgium
Paper 4 14:30-14:50 A Method for Bias Reduction in Time Domain Least Squares Parameter Estimation
James S. Welsh; Graham C. Goodwin; Hugues Garnier
abstract Contact: James S. Welsh - Australia
Paper 5 14:50-15:10 On the Subspace-Based Interpolation of Rational Matrix Functions
Hüseyin Akcay; Semiha Türkay
abstract Contact: Hüseyin Akcay - Turkey